If you have been in an accident, we can possibly save you $10,000

One Hour of Your Time Can Save You $10,000

Just imagine yourself driving on San Jose Boulevard or University Boulevard in Jacksonville, Highway 17 or Blanding Boulevard in Orange Park or any road on the First Coast for that matter. Typical traffic---you know the kind—Bumper to Bumper! You are just minding your own business, the last thing on your mind is that you are about to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. 

The person behind you is texting or changing the radio station…all of a sudden…BOOM!

You just got rear-ended.
You get out, check the damage and realize you might be a little sore. You make a police report and exchange insurance information with the person the hit you.
You finally make it home and now the pain, confusion and anxiety sit in. 
What do you do now?
You have a few choices to make…some are obvious. How do I get my car fixed? Do I need a rental car for the time being? I still feel sore, what should I do? Who should I call? Does my insurance cover this?
You notice your neck and back are starting to stiffen, and you might even have a little headache, but you still think it will probably go away on its own. You have trouble sleeping that night. Now you think you need to get yourself checked out.
What you should look for if you were in a car accident:
Neck Pain or Stiffness (could be whiplash)
Headaches (maybe a concussion, 25% of people in an accident sustain one)
Low Back Pain and Stiffness
Mid-Back Pain and Stiffness
Hand, Wrist, Arm and Shoulder Pain (might have a cervical disc issue)
Hip or Leg Pain (again might have a lumbar disc involvement)
Fatigue and Difficulty Sleeping (possible mild traumatic brain injury TBI)
Blurred Vision (possible TBI)
Ringing in the ears (possible TBI)
Loss of balance (possible traumatic brain injury)
Numbness in your arms or legs (possible cervical or lumbar disc issue) 
This is a familiar scenario we see every day in our clinics. In fact, that is why attorneys and doctors have come to us for their treatment following a wreck for over 20 years!
All the time, we hear our patients tell us that they “didn’t think they were hurt that bad” right after the wreck, but they just kept feeling worse. Some even thought it would go away on its own. Did you know 4.5 million Americans seek medical attention every year for injuries they have sustained in a wreck. This totals over $463 billion in payments for medical bills. These are serious injuries! In fact, many times it won’t go away on its own!
So, we are here to help!
Our #1 job is to make you feel better and to get you back to pre-accident health status. We have served over 10,000 patients in the Jacksonville area (many of who have probably even been your friends and neighbors).
Our second priority is to assist your attorney if you decide you need one. We continue to work with the largest and most successful attorneys in Florida, especially the Jacksonville area. From the attorneys, you see on television and billboards to the small solo-attorney practices. We continue to work with nearly all of them. In fact, we have recently helped these attorneys obtain settlements of $300,000, $540,000 and $1,200,000+ for their clients! 
With our unique team approach of health care providers, we offer services that others can’t. Nowhere else offers a team of Chiropractors, an Orthopedist and a Neurologist. We are the experts at evaluating, treating and documenting personal injury cases. Because of our expertise, we have also developed a great network of other providers to refer our patients to. 
So how can we help you?
Did you know that you only have 14 days from the date of the accident to see a doctor or you could lose out on $10,000 in benefits?
If your accident occurred less than 14 weeks ago? STOP READING AND CLICK HERE!
The State of Florida has mandated that everyone must carry Personal Injury Protection insurance coverage (otherwise known as PIP).
They also mandated that you only have 14 days to see a doctor, or you LOSE these benefits. Just think about it, you have paid your PIP premiums for years…and now when you really need to use these PIP benefits…you only have 14 days to start treatment. Sadly, we see patients all the time that waited too long. They lost the benefits they paid years for. It just doesn’t seem fair. Don’t let this happen to you.
But wait…
We have created a PIP Protection Plan for you. This is an insurance benefit-saving certificate for a FREE accident consultation and examination. Using this certificate within 2 weeks of your accident will protect all the insurance benefits for which you have already paid. Investing just one hour of your time will give you access to your full $10,000 in medical benefits including lost wages and mileage re-imbursement.
This is a no-obligation evaluation. Even if you decide at a later time, that you need treatment, you can receive treatment anywhere you want, because you did the right thing and got evaluated within the 14-day window. 
If you decide to treat with us, just know we are the only clinic to have a Neurologist, Orthopedic Surgeon and Chiropractors on staff. 
We evaluate and treat everything from brain, spine and extremity injuries. 
Ortega Health Group! We are here for you!
You are about to discover the secret of how investing less than an hour of your time can possibly save you $10,000 in the long run.

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